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Hey, this is shriya!

Coming from a family of engineers, chartered accountants and computer scientists, I am proud to be the right-brained one! For as long as I can remember, I have been one to find ways of 'making life simpler' in my day to day life. Of course there are more nuanced layers to this objective of convenience, specific to the user and their context, but I believe this is the  ideology that attracted me towards UI/UX design. And now with the technology driven environment we thrive in, its integration makes solving problems a lot more exciting!

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you'll find me fiddling with different materials with YouTube or a Netflix show playing in the background. Working with a range of tangible media, unique tools and techniques, is my kind of therapy. I can sit for hours on end doing macrame, crochet and mosaic. The comfort in the repetitiveness involved in these activities probably comes from the need to take a break from constantly iterating and brainstorming innovative ideas in the field of UI/UX design.


Having recently shifted to Vancouver, I have been exploring some art and craft studios. Seeing studios for ceramics, paper mache, mosaic, drawing and painting made me excited to explore the idea of teaching macrame. Having developed a strong skill set in the craft, I reached out to a few studios who were more than happy to host my workshops. And here I am today! I have successfully hosted two macrame workshops and have introduced about ten participants to this beautiful art form. I thoroughly enjoyed the interactions, collaborative environment and the ability to have spread some creativity. 

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