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Learning Design Lingo

As a new grad professional I am constantly learning, adapting and evolving. What has taken me by surprise is the design lingo I am being exposed to in conversations with product managers, senior designers and developers. Often I look up the meaning of words/phrases and get lost in posts by Neilson Norman, the UX Collective or Medium. But the challenge is in recalling those terms to use in future conversations. Thus I am creating a repository of terms that I learn on a day to day basis.

The goals of doing this is : 
1. To build a habit of using correct terminology so that conversations with stakeholders are more valuable.
2. To feel and sound more confident when advocating for my designs.

Please note : The following repository includes terms of some methodologies that require more research to fully understand and apply. This collection is a starting point with a brief overview and references. 

Agile Design

Agile Design

Contextual Inquiry

Top tasks

Criteria for success

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