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For as long as I can remember, I have been one to find ways of 'making life simpler'. Of course there are more nuanced layers to this objective of convenience, but I believe this is the ideology that attracted me towards UX/UI design. And now with the technology driven environment we thrive in, its integration makes solving problems a lot more exciting!

I'm currently a student of Interaction Design and recently completed my first UX/UI design internship. My favourite part of the design process, is that Aha! moment when a pain point can be viewed as a 'how might we' versus a problem to solve - that sweet spot where my left brain meets my right brain.

As a budding designer, I strive to engage with those I'm designing for to be reminded of removing myself from my shoes and to slip into theirs. 

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When I'm not online...

you'll find me fiddling with different materials with YouTube or a Netflix show playing in the background. Working with a range of tangible media, unique tools and techniques, is my kind of therapy. I can sit for hours on end doing macrame, crochet and mosaic. The comfort in the repetitiveness involved in these activities probably comes from the need to take a break from constantly iterating and brainstorming innovative ideas in the field of UI/UX design.

Sharing my love for crafts...

Having recently shifted to Vancouver, I have been exploring some art and craft studios. Seeing studios for ceramics, paper mache, mosaic, drawing and painting made me excited to explore the idea of teaching macrame. Having developed a strong skill set in the craft, I reached out to a few studios who were more than happy to host my workshops. And here I am today! I have successfully hosted two macrame workshops and have introduced about ten participants to this beautiful art form. I thoroughly enjoyed the interactions, collaborative environment and the ability to have spread some creativity. 

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